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Will the tummy tuck survive the pregnancy

Will the tummy tuck survive the pregnancy?

Many patients who become pregnant after abdominoplasty continue to love the results of their surgery even after the baby’s birth. However, pregnancy can alter the results of a plastic surgery procedure like a tummy tuck. Weight gain, the presence of stretch marks, separation of the muscles, and other factors may determine if revision surgery is needed, and the true outcome may depend a great deal on how much muscle repair your surgeon did during your tummy tuck. Everyone’s body responds differently to pregnancy as well as to surgery, so it’s important to consult your plastic surgeon as well as your OB-GYN when you find out you are expecting. Controlling your weight gain during pregnancy can help to preserve the results of your tummy tuck. You may wish to come back for abdominoplasty revision surgery or a mini tummy tuck if you find that your post-pregnancy before and after tummy tuck results do not align.

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