Which pippali best for weight loss?

Pippali is a common spice also known as long pepper. It has several health benefits. Yes, it aids in weight loss because it contains the active compound piperine and also has antioxidant properties. I... (read more)

Can I eat omelette and paratha for weight loss?

Yes, you can. But what matters is portion size and physical activity.  its better if you opt for stuffed paratha (cauliflower, radish, spinach, methi, beetroot, paneer, and tofu, onion) to make it mo... (read more)

If I ate only vestige slimming capsule could I lose weight?

Only using a slimming capsule will not help you to lose weight unless and until you are not doing any physical activity following the calorie deficit personalized diet. And your diet should be planned... (read more)

Does Masala milk powder is good for weight loss made without sugar?

The biggest truth about weight loss is that one has to undergo a calorie deficit diet. So, any food item, in particular, will not decide that you will lose weight or not. It is portion size, calories,... (read more)

Can an endomorph only drink water and lose weight without exercising?

Endomorph is a type of body shape in which a person has a higher percentage of body fat with less muscle mass. Only drinking water will not help you to lose weight. For weight loss one have to take an... (read more)

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