The second trimester begins from week 13 till week 26.  This is usually the most comfortable trimester of all three. Here’s what you are most likely to feel in the coming months. The risk of miscarriage has also plummeted.

WEEK 13-15:

By this time, you might be experiencing your morning sickness fading away but heartburn and constipation may still persist. A small baby bump may now be visible as your womb grows upwards and outwards. If you’ve been feeling the urge to pee a lot, then that should stop as the womb shifts away from your bladder. Vaginal discharge may start appearing in order to protect your vagina from infections. It is mild smelling or even odorless and has a milky appearance.

You might be experiencing a little bit of abdominal pain due to the growing uterus and stretching of round ligaments that support it.

As the blood flow has increased even around the nose, the mucous formed is even more and you may experience a stuffy nose.

But the good side is, as the morning sickness is slowly moving away, you might be having a good appetite, and it is important to indulge yourself in nutrition-dense options.

Increased blood flow may even make you see your gums red and swollen, which might even bleed while brushing or flossing. Make it a point to have good oral hygiene before it gets worse.

Your baby is now as big as a pear.

WEEK 16-18:

The growth of the uterus and of course that of your baby is now pretty rapid and therefore your belly is now quite prominent to let people know that you’re pregnant even if you don’t want to. Nasal congestion may still persist and your weight has now begun to increase. By now, sometimes you might be feeling a little backache because your abdomen is pulled out forward and also hormone relaxin that is loosening your ligaments, bones, and what not.  Stretch marks might have started appearing

Your baby is now as big as a cucumber.

WEEK 19-21:

Along with the backaches, what’s now coming between you and your night’s sleep might be leg cramps. This may arise due to the extra weight that you are now carrying or maybe because you are not properly hydrated. Not, necessary but some of you might even feel your baby’s little kicks that might even feel like a grumbling stomach which is for sure going to be a full flagged punch in the coming weeks.

By week 20, your bump is all more noticeable and you must be having a feast time in your meals. Don’t starve yourself for long hours though. Keep having small but frequent meals in order to move the term smoothly. Also, pregnancy hormones are now triggering your hair and nail growth pretty faster.

By the next week, your weight gain is now rapid and that might be leaving hued stretch marks on your stomach, thighs, butts, and breasts. But they usually fade away post-delivery with time.

Your baby is now as large as a banana.

WEEK 22-24:

You may notice swelling in your feet due to edema or your foot size may have really increased. This is because the hormone relaxin may even loosen up your ligaments around the foot that allows bones to expand which may remain permanent. Oops!

By week 23, you might be experiencing new symptoms from head to toe altogether. All thanks to progesterone and relaxin. Your mind may be fuzzy and forgetful and you might feel dizzy and irritated at times.

What’s exclusive is ‘linea nigra’, a dark line running from your pubic area to the belly button. Females with darker skin tone may even notice mask-like discoloration on the face called ‘melasma’. During this period learn some relaxing exercises and breathe out all the anxiety and breathe in the days of coming happiness.

In week 24, some of you might see your belly button coming out, because of the growing uterus. Also, you may often feel numbness in your fingers and wrist are known as ‘Carpal tunnel syndrome’. This happens due to fluid accumulation in the body that puts pressure on your nerves, leaving them numb.

If you notice red palms and feet, avoid becoming overheated, taking long hot baths, or wearing too tight clothes, gloves or socks.

Your baby surely is giving you all these random symptoms but it’s so exciting to hear that she has now grown into the size of a pomegranate.

WEEK 25-26:

Your baby bump is now that of the size of a soccer ball. That’s pretty amazing to look at. But some other symptoms might be making you dull. Like, hemorrhoids are painful swollen veins in the rectum or near to your anus due to increased blood flow and increased pressure of your uterus. This may even cause rectal bleeding. To get relief, get high fluid and fiber diet to make bowel movements regular, because constipation may make it worse. In week 26, you might face difficulty in sleeping because of the protruding belly, frequent runs to the loo, leg cramps, and heartburn. Don’t forget to exercise daily in the fresh air and keep your fluid balance. But the most exciting thing is that you must be feeling your baby’s movements quite clearly by now, which makes the situation feel like all the more real.

By the end of trimester 2, your baby has now grown up into the size of an eggplant. Congratulations.


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